Visiones Culturales and BX200 by Yolanda Rodriguez

Arts in The Bronx have increasingly grown in the last few years. Well-established and new organizations have steadily brought to our borough a variety of cultural and art events making it a destination for those who appreciate, collect, create, and exhibit art in New York City and beyond. It is important to notice the amazing variety of artists who are now working, living, and creating in the Bronx. My organization, Visiones Culturales, is working hard to continue this tradition and has already presented the community with such art exhibitions and cultural events. We have concentrated on featuring Bronx-based artists and in bringing quality Latino artists to the area.

In March 2015, I am collaborating with artist Yelaine Rodriguez to bring to The Bronx an exhibition titled Innuendos, featuring all women artists. This exhibit will surely engage the community in important conversations concerning the state of women’s issues that affect our community.

To start the project we began our research and were very happy to have the opportunity to utilize the BX200 website as a tool. The website provided us with very clear and insightful information about Bronx artists and showed us excellent samples of their work! It was indeed a curator’s paradise to be able to see all these artists in one location and have the facility to rapidly and efficiently make decisions on the cohesiveness of a collective of artists. We also had access to the artists’ websites, biographies, and contact information all with one simple click.

The BX200, which lists artists’ names in alphabetical order, also allowed us to search by genres such as film, photography, and sculpture. You will be able to see the artists that we were able to discover and invite to participate in our upcoming show, thanks to this important resource.