About Us

BX200.COM is the premiere digital directory for artists living and working in NYC’s most creative borough: The Bronx. Originated in 2014 by long-time painter and West Farms resident Laura James, BX200’s goals are to foster connection among the borough’s diverse creative communities and expose the work of Bronx artists to a wider network of curators, collectors, organizations and art lovers. Using a mixture of live and digital programming, BX200 bolsters the work of a curated selection of over 200 contemporary artists with deep ties to the Bronx. While not exhaustive, the BX200 directory aims to give a glimpse into the creative lives of today’s working artists as they push the envelope and our culture forward. Shout out to Rhynna Santos, Tats Cru’s Bio and Edgar Santana for sharing their work in our logo!

Featured Video

Artist Talk w/ Laura James (@laurajamesart) interviewed by Zach Frater (@blaqueerdo) for BX200. May 12, 2021

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