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Photo credit: Courtesy of the artist

I consider myself a contemporary abstract painter and a fiber artist, often using more than one genre and several mediums to create my art. The participation in more than 25 group exhibitions, exhibitions in Brazil and Costa Rica, and a solo exhibition in New York City, have all been wonderful experiences.

I obtained a BS and a BA from City College of New York, and a Masters of Science degree from Bank Street College of Education. Teaching art for more than 25 years continues to be a crucial component in my life as an artist. I’ve taken painting and drawing classes at The Art Student League, and drawing, film and mask making courses at the School of Visual Arts, as well as fiber art classes at Citi Quilters, all in New York City.

My creative process stems from my natural inclination to create from inspiration, using a variety of skills. Experimenting with these skills has helped me to discover and explore different ways of creating art that reflects what I want to say visually as an artist. My abstract paintings explore what we reveal and what we conceal. My signature work is characterized by vibrant colors, bold compositions and contrasting shapes. My fiber artwork celebrates culture and diversity.

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