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Photo credit: Courtesy of the artist

I am a 21-Century modernist and public artist. My expressions draw from universal, timeless vocabularies of line, shape, and geometry. As such, I create artworks which are universally communicatory. A dynamic colorist, I create art of dimension, depth, and rhythm through visual dances of color.

My abstract works (paintings, mosaics, terrazzo, sculptures, and digital works) are contemporary, hard-edged, abstract, rife with color, and filled with inherent movement.

I often draw from sources of nature, emotion, and beauty. In doing so, my work is often portrayed as poetic in expression. I also draw from continuums: shared threads of universal commonality, and statement, winding through ancestral cultures to near future, technological societies.

Primarily an abstractionist, the pandemic took me in new directions through my photography practice. I now capture the very unexpected, and incredibly beautiful, nature within the Bronx. I utilize my photographic images to heavily render graphically into lush and painterly, digital paintings which I translate into prints, paintings, and mosaic murals for public art projects.

Having strong, social mission, I am also an arts educator. I have extensive teaching experience with all age populations, with focus on community youth/young adults (often in the criminal justice system), the health-impacted, and seniors.

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