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Photo credit: Courtesy of the artist

Landscape photographer Richard Serviss has been a resident of The Bronx, off and on, for the last two decades. Upon finishing art school, his initial interest was street photography. However he eventually became interested in the urban landscape and produced a series of hand-tinted prints which appeared in various group shows throughout New York City.

In 2005, after discovering an abundance of nature exists in the city, he began a long term photo project with the working title, “Urban Nature: A New York City Landscape Study.” Working in similar manner as early 20th Century landscape photographers, he uses traditional view cameras and sheet film to capture his landscapes. Ten years after starting this project, he continues to be amazed at the amount of natural spaces in a city often associated with concrete and steel.

Throughout the years, Richard Serviss has supported his photographic projects by working in a variety of photo related fields. He currently works as a photo researcher for a major publisher. He lives in The Bronx with his wife Frances and cat Chloe.

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