Rigoberto Torres

Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Artist
Email: rtorresinc@hotmail.com

Artist Bio

Rigoberto Torres (born 1960) is a sculptor who was born in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico and worked in New York City, before moving to Florida where he currently lives and works. Torres began working in a factory where religious figures were cast, producing religious statuary. He also considers himself to be a community based artist.

Torres is known in part for the sculptures in plaster and fiberglass that he created of his neighbors in the Bronx, together with his partner John Ahearn. Between the years 1981 and 1985, they collaborated on four murals. These were We Are Family, Life on Dawson Street, Double Dutch, and Back to School. The sculptures, like much of Torres’ work, were displayed in public attached to buildings, free standing and in street events as an element of performance art. On many occasions, Torres would prompt Ahearn to move their studio to the sidewalk along Walton Avenue so that neighborhood children could watch and also volunteer as subjects.

Since meeting at South Bronx art space Fashion Moda in the late 70’s, Torres and Ahearn have collaborated and worked solo to produce many outstanding works that primarily celebrate everyday people and communities. The duo have exhibited extensively, completed residencies and projects nationally and internationally, and their work is currently on view in “Like Life” at the Met Breuer.