Jennifer Tomaiolo

Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Artist

Artist Bio

Jennifer Tomaiolo has earned a Bachelors of Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts in New York City, a Masters in Fine Arts from Brooklyn College and an Associates in Chemistry from New York City College of Technology. She is a two-time BRIO award winner and has created commissions and exhibited in galleries around the Tri-State area.

From her studio in The Bronx, she studies and experiments with the interposition of patterns and the landscape, natural rhythms that have been perceived and explored by artists in cultural patterns throughout art history that are now also being described through science and math. Her work explores the interrelation of the chaotic, but discernible fractal nature of life, and investigates the way artists have perceived and represented this nature in art throughout time and space, and how the enduring unearthing and investigation by artists and scientists into the nature of life relates to and inspires the artist personally.

Outside her studio, she travels to ancient, cultural and natural places and museums of the Mediterranean, Near East and America to research art history and uncover patterns in the cultural and natural landscape. Through her work she engages in the conversation between compassion, memory, continuity and connectedness on the one hand, and the looming shadow of an ominous future.
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