Leonard Weisberger

Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Artist
Website: http://weisbergerfineart.com/
Email: jca2@columbia.edu

Artist Bio

I grew up close to Van Cortlant Park in The Bronx. Much of my youth was spent roaming through the woods which solidified my love of nature. I attended the School of Visual Arts, graduating in 1964. As a young man I lived and worked as a painter focusing on the landscape of Ecuador. I was overwhelmed by the ever changing light and clouds of the Andes. After relocating to The Bronx I attended graduate school at Lehman College. While there I did a series of subway paintings and explored human relationships among the subway riders. I was a BRIO award winner at this time.

Since then I have returned to the landscapes of The Bronx and upstate New York incorporating people such as my family and friends. At this point in my life I hope I can use art to understand the act of creation which cannot be easily defined. Through my art I am able to try to stay in the process.