Cinnamon Willis

Photo Credit: Ignacio Soltero

Artist Bio

Cinnamon Willis was born in Brooklyn New York and has shown an interest in art since the age of six. At eight years old, she was enrolled in a comic book drawing class at Brooklyn College where she was the youngest of the group. In 2005, a multimedia gaming environment along with a poster she created was on display at The Queens Media Arts Development (QMAD) as part of their annual Framing AIDS art exhibition. In 2006, she graduated from the New York College of Technology with an Associates degree in Art and Advertising and a Bachelors degree in Communication Design.

She has recently started the art of doll making as of July 2010 seeking advice and tips from other doll makers. She came up with the name “Melandolly’s” for her dolls since they were intended to express a feeling of sadness. Just after four months of doll making, she was chosen by Art Doll Quarterly Magazine for a tiny doll competition. The doll she created standing at only 4.5” high was featured in the Summer 2011 edition of the publication. Cinnamon now lives and works in The Bronx and has participated in group shows in NYC and in Canada over the past few years.
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