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Artist Bio

Aída Miró is a Bronx based multidisciplinary artist originally from Ibiza (Spain). She started writing graffiti in early 90s in Ibiza influenced by hip hop and urban culture. After graduating BA in Fine Arts at the University Politecnica of Valencia she moved to Barcelona to learn circus techniques at the Rogelio Rivel Circus School. Her interest to combine painting and shows took her a grant to a Postgraduate in Theater Design in Bristol (UK), where she worked intensively in theater, circus, Tv and film productions. Since 2007 she has been traveling and living in different countries such as Mexico or India, learning from different Masters of butoh dance, combining performances with oil painting, live painting and large spray paint murals. She is also PhD in Art Education at the University Autonoma of Madrid and does butoh dance performances.

Music, dance and empowering women have been always favourite themes. Her murals and paintings are more oneiric than perceptual. She enjoys mythology and painting portraits. Her works often represent ancient archetypes that repeat themselves throughout time. Her paintings and performances has been exhibit in places such as Mexico, UK, Italy, Greece, Germany, Spain, Buenos Aires, India, New York, Miami and San Francisco.

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