Aug 27 | BxArts Factory Film Screening

BxArts Factory Film Screening
In Collaboration with Bronx Hispanic Festival
and Momentos De… Organization

August 27th, 2015 at 7:00 pm

Lincoln Hospital Auditorium
234 E 149th St @ Morris Ave, Bronx, NY 10451 (entrance to auditorium at Morris Ave)

BxArts Factory in collaboration with the Hispanic Bronx Festival and Momentos De… Organization have the pleasure to invite you to the screening of films Travesia (Journey) by the director Alexander Gonzáles Tascón and Umbrella House a 10 minutes short film by Catalina Santamaría at the Lincoln Hospital Auditorium on August 27th 2015. As part of the evening programing we also are going to have a filmmaker’s discussion. The discussion will focus on the social characteristics of the films and the survival adaptations in two very different settings. This special event wouldn’t be possible without the support and collaboration of Clara Lopera Sánchez and Marcela Charry of Momentos De… Organization and Luis Stephenberg, Executive Director of the Bronx Hispanic Festival.

TRAVESIA (JOURNEY) 2014, 52 min. (Documentary).
The thick jungle of Colombia’s Pacific, by the Anchicayá river is the scenario of the documentary Travesía. In Travesía, Robinson and his family embark in a journey to extract wood from the deep jungle. The nature puts obstacles and difficulties in their way to achieve their goal. They also have to dodge the legal issues of wood exploitation in the region and finally they have to put their navigating skills learned since childhood, to transport the logs down the Anchicayá river, all the way to Buenaventura. Travesía is a story of survival of a family in rural Colombia.
DIRECTOR: Alexander Gonzáles Tascón
LANGUAGE: Spanish with English subtitles

UMBRELLA HOUSE 2013, 10 min. (Short Film).
Umbrella House reveals the stories of the squatter community – most of them immigrants – that took over abandoned buildings in the Lower East Side of Manhattan reconstructed them and made them into their homes.
DIRECTOR: Catalina Santamaría

Video Interview with director Alexander Gonzalez Tascon

Video Interview with director Catalina Santamaria

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