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Photo credit: Courtesy of the artist

An Unknown Artist of the Bronx who sees everything as art through his own tribal perspective. Kush is an illustrator and graphic designer, digitally and hands-on. His favorite types of art are Urban, Tribal, Abstract, 2D and 3D. Kush graduated with an Associates Degree in digital design and computer graphics from Bronx Community College, and received his bachelors in communication design at The New York City College of Technology. A college assistant from noon till evening, he constantly works on his art, no matter the canvas or digital medium size. Kush decided to become an artist because he was inspired by video games, and now has become even more inspired by other artists that take it to the streets. Kush is currently working towards becoming a concept artist for the video game industry, and is also working on his clothing line, Anatomy Brand, New York, and is also interested in exhibiting his work.

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