Evan T Bishop

Photo Credit: Diva D
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Artist Bio

Born and raised in the Bronx during the 70s provided the perfect ingredients for a lifetime of visual arts for Evan. With the emergence of Hip-Hop as a cultural movement, Evan gravitated to the visual element of the culture, graffiti. During his teens, Evan discovered the power of painting bright and big murals as a tool to convey a message. His desire to paint superseded the dangers of rival graffiti artists, active third rails and the police.

Understanding the value of formal education, Evan moved to North Carolina where he received his Bachelors of Arts in Art Design from NC A&T SU. He has explored careers as an Art Therapist for special needs persons, and an Art Teacher for children. Evan was able to make his biggest impact teaching desktop publishing and web page design for NYC Dept. of Education. He was instrumental in writing curricula and initiating technology programs that have empowered adult students in Harlem for fifteen years.

While he prefers to work in acrylic, Evan is confident and capable in other mediums. His style possesses the bold, vibrant colors reminiscent of graffiti art. His work depicts his social views, his spiritual truths, and the beauty of Black people and culture.