Eric Orr

Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Artist

Artist Bio

Eric Orr is an American artist raised in the heart of New York’s South Bronx. He was one of the first graffiti artists of the early 80s to substitute typography in art, using a symbol, character or icon as a moniker. The icon, known as “robot head”, was inspired by the space age and the robotics era. The robot head has become the visual identity associated with his artwork.

Eric’s work is recognized internationally and held in private collections in Europe, Asia-Pacific and North America. He has been featured in numerous exhibitions in art galleries on both coasts of the US and has given live painting exhibitions in North America and the Asia Pacific.

His creativity and ability to work across diverse forums would ensure his future success, from writing in his neighborhood and the New York City subways, to entry into international exhibitions at fine art galleries, and providence from the highly esteemed Sotheby’s and Christie’s auction houses. He has designed for music recording labels and clothing and apparel lines, and has curated the touring of customized games industry merchandise produced by many of the world’s great street artists. His affinity with nature has also led him towards creating 3D ecological art forms and using found objects as a canvas. More recently, he has applied his life experience to working with artists and youth in transformational environments within communities.
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