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Tiffany Osedra Miller

Photo credit: Courtesy of the artist

Tiffany Osedra Miller is a multi-disciplined, experimental artist from The Bronx. Tiffany is primarily a self-taught artist, though she studied briefly at The Arts Students League Tiffany’s paintings are surreal, expressionistic, mournful and darkly humorous. Many of the bright colors she uses invoke the Caribbean Carnival tradition. She is a poet and storyteller who experiments with visual storytelling methods to explore themes of colonialism, spirituality, colorism, death, transformation and carnival. Her work was featured in France and Brazil as part of the Street Art without Borders Project and at various galleries in the New York Area, most recently at the Corridor Gallery in Harlem.


Since 2011, Tiffany has been working on a literary and visual art series called Goatwater. Goatwater features over 70 acrylic paint illustrations and over 30 hand-drawn black and white cartoons, as well as poems, vignettes and stories set in a Caribbean dreamscape. Loosely inspired by Caribbean Carnival traditions, the stories chronicle the misadventures of carnival revelers and spirits, uniting the sacred and the profane. Copies of Goatwater Books will be available for purchase soon.

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