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Photo credit: Courtesy of the artist

1987 was the year I started to really get into reading the trains and walls as if it were my daily news. New tags would pop out of nowhere daily. Some were fresh and had style, some were wack and played out. These were the days that influenced me into racking up paint and going out dropping tags and fill-ins where you can possibly fit in. Hopping the D train on Fordham Road to get to the last stop, 205th Street, was a daily activity going to school; seeing all the tags, and burners and Tracy 168 pieces. Those were some really dope times, which I miss.

Now let’s fast forward to 1990 when I connected with the local Hard Rocs. Louie 167 had been doing his thing already and I just wanted “in” on this. Months later, we’re beefing on the highways with T.V.T. (The Voodoo Tribe). Those were some exciting moments in my life. Hitting highways. Seeing my shit ragged. Going back to claim spots. Good ol’ days. Times and memories no one can take from me. We eventually squashed the beef with TVT. But my times in the last few years have been focused on putting the attention on those who deserve it thru my magazine, Liquidteks Magazine. 

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