Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Artist
Email: enbee4tay@gmail.com

Artist Bio

NB40 was born in The Bronx, New York, late 1970’s. Heavily influenced by animators such as Matt Groening, Mel Blanc, and Chuck Jones, NB40 is a true heir of the Saturday Morning Cartoon generation. Raised among a brotherhood of Bronx street bombers, the early 90’s provided a rich platform to cultivate his love and talent for graffiti art. Developing a kindred bond with the city streets from an early age, NB40 eventually traded the brick walls for canvas, producing brightly colored artworks which pay tribute to the whimsy of his beloved iconic caricatures. Using spray paint, stencil letters, and acrylics, NB40 merges the worlds of classic graffiti and popular culture. Highly sought after for his skills as a tattoo artist, NB40 can be found at Tuff City in The Bronx, where he has served as a principle tattoo artist for the past 15 years.
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