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Photo credit: Courtesy of the artist

In 1984, MED bombed his first subway train. His skills were nurtured by the great legends of New York City and growing up in the trenches of Hip Hop Culture. Coming up in his early years, he was put down with the MPC crew by CAP, for his infamous destruction of the New York transit lines, and then later United Artists for his artistic abilities. He opened Tuff City in The Bronx in 1993 after mentoring with Seen, back when tattoo shops were still illegal in New York City. Since then, Tuff City Styles has grown into a legendary graffiti, tattoo, digital and music production institution, inspiring and fostering the present and future generation of graffiti writers and artists. Over the past 30 years, legends from around the world make pilgrimages to leave their mark on the walls and voice their support.

Med is an accomplished illustrator that has worked with Fortune 500 companies including McDonalds and Pepsi, his artwork has been featured in magazines, newspapers, TV shows and documentary films and exhibited at galleries and exhibitions through united states and the world.

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