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Photo credit: Emma McDonald

Lee Ann Cadiz is a self-taught artist who grew up in the Bronx. As a teacher by trade, Lee Ann has always seen art as a part of her life. “It’s all around you and within you. I never grew up thinking I wanted to be an artist, deep down inside I always knew I was. I didn’t need schooling or a degree to make me see that, just life and the experiences of it both good and bad.” With an eye for bold, bright colors and a desire to express strong emotion, Lee Ann shares her deepest emotions through the shapes, colors and images she draws. Using pastels, acrylics, markers and pencils, Lee Ann creates pieces that reflect her philosophy, dreams and desires. “Markers remind me of the graffiti I would see as a child walking through the streets of the Bronx. It’s my newest fascination. Something about it makes me feel like a child again.”

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