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Photo credit: Courtesy of the artist

Lauren Camara is a self-taught artist, graphic designer and art director based in the Bronx, New York. She has always been fascinated by the unusual textures, bold colors and intricate patterns that characterize paper. A professional graphic designer for the past 25 years, Lauren first became interested in creating art using paper when she found herself saving the books of paper swatches she received from printing companies.

She dreamed of somehow incorporating them into artwork. Eventually, she used those paper samples to create her first cut paper piece.

When working on her art, Lauren integrates her technical skills and artistic sensibility to create distinctive, graphic-driven work.
She cuts all of the paper by hand using a X-Acto knife, a skill she learned while mocking up graphic design work.

Lauren is inspired by her family that spans a variety of cultures and religions as well as her community, nature, music and New York City.

The textures, patterns and colors of the papers she chooses represent the contrasts, complexities and contradictions of her experiences.

Lauren’s art brings her pure joy. She hopes her work will make someone smile.

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