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Photo credit: Courtesy of the artist

I grew up in Suffolk County, NY. After graduating from The School of Visual Arts, I became an Art fabricator for artist Ugo Rondinone. I created the first series of his brick paintings, among other works. I also was an assistant to Adrew Lord. I have studied under Jack Whitten, Jutta Koether, and Tim Rollins.

Like Rollins, I have spent much time as both artist (Where I have my studio) and art-educator in The South Bronx. I have shown at Thierry Goldberg in NYC, and have been featured in Time Out magazine. Two sculptures will be included in the forthcoming Bronx Museum’s AIM Biennial (October 21- January 16, 2022).

Fictional sages and venerated tyrants are built up with clay, plaster, shells, bones, trinkets, and a variety of sourced materials. Just as a memory jug comes loaded with personal meaning, and asks the viewer to identify with the common and often kitsch items, these grotesque sculptures do the same; seeking connection to the viewer through its disarming portions, knowing rapport through the whole would be entirely unpalatable.

Combine Rococo ornamentation, and unexpected narratives and interpretations emerge as each character derives from a fictional forgone and distorted institution.

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