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Photo credit: Barbara G. Santiago

Isaac Lanzo was born in Brooklyn, N.Y. in 1981 and is currently residing in the Bronx. Lanzo discovered his talent and love for drawing at the age of seven. The progression of his drawing skills along with the candid support of his uncle encouraged Lanzo to continue further on his pursuit of becoming an artist. The Nuyorican born artist has been devoted to the visual arts discipline since 2002.

During his years of emergence, notable figures from the NYC art scene such as Edwin Ramoran, Juanita Lanzo, and fellow artist Wanda Raimundi-Ortiz have contributed in Lanzo’s artistic development and professional
endeavors. As a self taught artist, Lanzo has continued to reinforce his knowledge in Art History, Fine Arts, and other subjects of relevance. His work has been exhibited at different galleries and venues in the heart of the Bronx and in the city for over a decade.

Lanzo is a devoted painter who’s been producing work with integrity, consistency and tenacity in efforts to attain gallery representation and continuous public exhibition. His assignment is to use his work as a mediator to promote further art appreciation and culture awareness in his community and beyond.

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