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Photo credit: Courtesy of the artist

My objective in my work is to chart a path, to raise simple forms to complex heights, to take the viewer to the summit to enable him to contemplate and sense the grandeur and sacramental mysteries of the spiritual world, to arouse faith in man. Words cannot express that which the eye can see. And hence: ever more freedom of expression, purity of line and striving towards the whole.

My pictures are geometric abstractions founded on the principle of contrast, the relations of lines and color, the rhythm of vertical and horizontal lines and the harmony of pure forms. Straight lines express calm and measured movement. Verticals and horizontals are static and composed. The predomination of some over others creates an emotional ring.

Black-and-white compositions are more active in perception. Black unites and fortifies the composition, and creates a clear motif. Rhythmic movement in the form of repeated motifs, moves from light to dark and the proportions of tonal relations and areas are other items in the compositional principle.

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