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Brian Allan Skinner

Photo credit: Anthony Chase Fountain

I have worked extensively in publishing as both a writer and graphic artist. The publications in which my work has appeared range from the literary to the scientific. Though I began my careerin the fine arts in the traditional media of oil-on-canvas and watercolor, I now work exclusively in digital media.

Recent explorations include cliché verre, a technique of etching and painting on glass photographic plates in which I first dabbled over forty years ago.

I see art as the struggle between the elemental forces of light and darkness. I do not aspire to settling that ageless conflict, but rather to describing my place within it, allowing all the opposing influences of my personality to color that description.

The images I depict often bear a resemblance to places in the real world, but they remain visions of an internal landscape, a twilit place where boundaries are unclear, where the natural and technological are harmonious, and where I do not see myself as separate from nature.

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