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Photo credit: Courtesy of the artist

Born and raised in The Bronx, photographer Adam Reyes has used the camera as a tool to record life. His first encounter with photography did not occur until his late teens, where he was introduced to the black and white images of Boogie and Estevan Oriol. While attending City College, Adam pursued his interested in photography after being inspired by what he saw. He learned the fundamentals of photography, the elements behind the art and expanded his own artistic expression in the process. His perception of what it meant to be an artist and how it can be utilized as an outlet for humans to express themselves flourished, opening his mind to greater possibilities.

Obtaining his B.A in 2013, Adam is now concentrating his energy on transcending his work and art as a whole. The fragments of life photographed will create a sense of unity between the viewer and himself. Each photograph will be a unique experience capturing a moment in the simplest form. A universal understanding of harmony, rhythm and oneness will translate. The process of obtaining enlightenment will be narrow and Adam is aware of it. It will bring change to the world and to the expression of the human spirit.

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