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Laura James – Review of the Day: Anna Carries Water by Olive Senior

I was recently engaged in a high-energy search at my library to locate as swiftly and surely as possible a listing of any and all children’s books set in the Caribbean. We were eventually able to locate 21 picture books in my system, but when you consider how many picture books are published in a

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Nicolas Dumit Estevez – EN MAS’

Independent Curators International EN MAS’ featuring Nicolas Dumit Estevez

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Valeri Larko – Spotlight on Valeri Larko

A spotlight on Bronx artist, Valeri Larko

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BronxNet – A Discussion of the Bronx Art Collective

Hosted by Gary Axelbank, BronxTalk also is the center of focus for topical discussions about Bronx education, crime and policing, politics, health care, youth services, domestic violence, housing, economic development, arts and entertainment, quality of life, and many other vital Bronx issues.

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