Philippe Safire

Photo Credit: Fabien Hameline

Artist Bio

Born in 1981 in Royan, France, Philippe Safire studied Art History and Multimedia Design in Paris. After working as an artist and designer in Paris for several years, Safire moved to New York City.

As a visual artist, Safire creates multimedia installations that synthesize a variety of media: animation, computer films, and still images. Philippe Safire likes to mix very artificial material such as plexiglass with natural elements like soil or sand. The work involves projecting light, color, or digital animation onto sculptures built by the artist. With the use of digital tools, the light traces the irregular contours of the surfaces, blurring the difference between reality and the virtual, between nature and technology.

Safire explores the constraints of the digital age, while relying on the endless possibilities offered by the digital medium. He situates his work in the modern digital landscape, which he views as a time of historic change akin to the Renaissance. The art of Philippe Safire immerses the viewer in the frenetic world of software and the internet, but often alludes to collective human experiences—lasting memories or dreams not fully formed.