Laura Alvarez

Photo Credit: Sandra Ayala
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Laura Alvarez was born in Valencia, Spain and received an MA in Fine Arts in Spain and England. In NYC, she juggles between her city job, her artist career, and her commitment to her Bronx community.

She has been a teaching artist with more organizations and city agencies than she can remember, but what she does recall, is all the lives she has touched through the years thanks to the arts, and she knows there will be more.

Laura is interested in how art interacts with people and what better place than the streets? She has taken her artwork out of the studio working on walls and step-streets in different countries and NYC neighborhoods, to bring her colorful designs and joy to the community while planning what’s the next wall she’s going to tackle.

Laura is the Co-Founder, Vice-President and COO of BxArts Factory, a non profit organization whose mission is to make art accessible to everyone in the Bronx. They believe everyone is an artist and they will help you unlock it.

She has received several awards and grants that she has used to continue promoting the arts among the Bronx youth and to create work that starts a conversation, touching issues like ecology, womanhood, racism, tradition, inequality and immigration.

Laura has exhibited all over Europe and New York in collective and solo shows. In most of her shows she tries to program free workshops to pass along her love for art and her mantra: “everyone is an artist”.
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