Katherine Emely Gomez

Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Artist
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Artist Bio

Growing up in New York City, I became aware early on what a unique and culturally diverse environment I am a part of. Exploring who I am, there were three reliable constants: I am a Dominican woman, I am an artist, and I am a twin. Two years ago, my identity shattered when my identical twin sister unexpectedly passed away. My journey for a newfound identity without her has taken me to places where I reunite with my sister and my former self.

Photography is the vessel through which I explore how environment, culture, life events, loss, love, and imagination are as important to ones own identity as a given name at birth. Through digital imagery I recreate and immortalize memories with my sister and come to terms with two realities, one where my sister and I exist together, the other is a less defined more complex perception of reality. My artwork was recently exhibited at a Solo Show with Chashama Gallery in Harlem, a group show at the Bronx Art Space and BCC Hall of Fame Art Gallery, in Bronx, NY. My story and artworks were broadcasted at Bronx News12 and written in El Diario Newspaper.