Ivan Gaete

Photo Credit: Self-Portrait
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Artist Bio

Ivan Gaete’s artistic practice is located at the intersection of adoration, transformation and continuity. His drawings, paper constructions, photographs and installations aim to dismantle the relation between form and content and to reveal the essence of its subjects.

In NYC since the late nineties, Ivan has been developing his own distinctive aesthetic language, creating a body of work that is both austere and fragile and subscribes to principles found in Minimalism and Arte Povera.

Using everyday household items, office supplies and discarded materials, his work are surveys of how knowledge is formed, connecting themes of language, geometry and cosmology with the mundane and the urban environment.

In one of his most recent works, “Blindness” 2015, a 15-feet drawing installation made out of venetian mini-blinds, he carefully arranged 240 single black-and-white slats only to rearranged them several times during the duration of the exhibition, thus emphasizing randomness, repetition and temporality.

Ivan is a self-taught artist hailing from Santiago, Chile. His work has been exhibited in many Nonprofit organizations throughout the city, including Manhattan Graphics Center, Kentler Drawing Space, NurtureArt and more recently at BRAC (Bronx Art River Center) and BAS (Bronx Art Space).

Gaete’s work addresses existentialism and is imbued with poetry and universality.
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