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New York-based artist, EROTICA 67, a member of the innovative FLY I.D. Crew which built a reputation on producing technical wild style pieces executed in street-level spots. She is an active advocate of women in the arts as well as for graffiti subculture at large. Her notable efforts to inspire females within the community to take charge of their artistic lives begins with teaching the basics of lettering and letter forms, but extends far beyond. Aiming to bring greater exposure to her fellow female artists, EROTICA 67, has curated several New York City art shows and organized vivid wall productions. She plans to do more in the near future. Her work has been featured in publications such as The New York Times, NY Daily News, Time Out New York and included in the books Graffiti Women, Graffiti New York, Burning New York and Broken Windows. You can see some of her work on or follow her on Instagram @EROTICA67
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