Alejandro Epifanio

Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Artist
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Artist Bio

Alejandro Epifanio Juan was born in Puerto Rico, 1982. He obtained a BFA in painting, sculpture and printmaking from The School of Visual Arts of Manhattan in 2006. Alejandro currently works in the Bronx, East Harlem and Lower East Side communities of New York City.

Epifanio’s work explores the place where painting “ends” and artifacts and residue of the process begin, it aims to capture the formless and provocative nature of the artist’s process. It is synergy of thought, and form -the metaphysical construct between breathing something into being, and the object taking on a life of its own. It is a type of quintessential fire, where people gather around, converse, and share their experience with others. It is a driving force to investigate how the elements of nature and multi-dimensional life can be captured beyond imitation through a formative process. At its most fundamental level the investigative part of the work is evident when the line between painting and sculpture is erased.

The artist is constantly investigating ideas of simplicity, uniformity and unpredictability. Constructively and incessantly probing at the possibilities of different media to inform our sensorial language.
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