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    The Bronx 200 site is a dynamic, online platform that showcases a curated selection of artwork by two hundred artists identified with The Bronx. Artists were invited to participate by curators and art professionals working in the borough. The curators were asked to recommend artists whose work represents the rich and diverse range of creative production here. The primary goal of The BX200 website is to connect the borough’s artists and art organizations to curators, collectors, art enthusiasts, businesses and other artists worldwide.

Featured Artist | Jay ElectroBlum

©Jay ElectroBlum, brooklyn_cigarette.jpg, 06/2016

Photo credit: Self Portrait
Jay ElectroBlum is a Bronx native photographer and artist heavily influenced by 90’s MTV, trading cards, and film. He has 3 degrees in art and design, and over 5 years of industry experience. Jay currently operates a blog that captures celebrities, DJ’s, music, and parties, with live events, parties, NYWF and portraits.

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